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For many years, Pique has been the number one public enemy in the hearts of Real Madrid fans. For those hardcore Real Madrid fans who often go to the Bernabéu Stadium to watch games, there is no player more hateful than Pique.


He plays for Barcelona; he is a Catalan and he is proud of it; he is arrogant and arrogant; he is like a villain who runs out of a comic book and is hateful.


But you know what? Bernabéu fans also cheered for Pique.


In 2009, under the guidance of Bosque, the Spanish national team is competing for qualifications in the South African World Cup finals. The opponents in the same group in the qualifiers include Belgium, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spain played consecutive victories in the first four group matches, and ushered in a Turkish challenge at the Bernabeu on March 28.


Pique has never played a formal game on behalf of the national team before, but since Manchester United returned to Barcelona in 2008, he has become Puyol's starting partner in the Barcelona defense.


In February 2009, with his outstanding performance at the club, Pique made his debut in the national team in a friendly match in Spain's 2-0 victory over England.


In the battle with Turkey, due to Puyol's injury and absent, the 22-year-old Pique made his debut and formed the team's defense with Raul Albiol, full-back Ramos and Capdevila.

在与土耳其的战斗中,由于普约尔的受伤和缺席,22岁的皮克(Pique)首次亮相,并与劳尔·阿尔比奥尔(Raul Albiol),后卫拉莫斯(Ramos)和卡普德维拉(Capdevila)组成了球队的防守方。

For Spain, it was a very difficult game. Fatih Trim coached Turkey with a strong strength and reached the semi-finals in the 2008 European Cup.

对于西班牙来说,这是一场非常艰难的比赛。法蒂赫·特里姆(Fatih Trim)凭借强大的实力执教土耳其,并进入了2008年欧洲杯半决赛。

Turkey pulled the defense line very far behind, so that Spain has been unable to break the deadlock. Turkey did not exert too much pressure on Spain's defense, but as a defender, Pique still left his mark in that game.


In the 59th minute of the game, Spain got a free kick in the right corner of the Turkish penalty zone. Harvey passed the ball to Ramos, but Ramos, who was close to the goal, failed to complete the shot. The ball bounced to Pique's feet after hitting Ramos' knee, and Pique scored the ball.


That's not a great goal, it may even be the easiest of all Pique's goals in his career, but he appeared in the right place at the right time. As Pique said after the game: "The ball fell to where I was and I sent it into the goal."


The Spanish national team does not have a fixed home arena, but will use the home courts of various La Liga clubs to host matches. When Pique broke through the Turkish goal, the entire Bernabéu stadium was boiling-most of the audience cheering for him were Real Madrid fans.


Spain won 1-0 with that goal, extending its lead over Bosnia and Herzegovina, second place in the same group, to 6 points. Four days later, Spain defeated Turkey 2-1 in a match in Istanbul (Pique played the whole game), one step closer to the World Cup in South Africa.


In subsequent World Cup qualifiers, Pique scored two more goals (against Belgium and Bosnia and Herzegovina), which not only helped Spain secure the qualification for the World Cup in South Africa, but also made his position in the team's starting lineup more stable. Up.


However, it didn't take long for the relationship between Pique and Real Madrid fans to get worse. When Pique scored just 35 days after scoring a goal with Turkey, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 6-2 at the Bernabéu Stadium, and Pique scored the last goal for the away team.

但是,很快,皮克和皇马球迷之间的关系就变得更糟了。当皮克(Pique)在与土耳其队进球后仅35天就进球了,巴塞罗那(Barcelona)在伯纳乌球场(BernabéuStadium)6-2击败皇家马德里(Real Madrid),皮克(Pique)为客队贡献了最后一个进球。

That goal angered Real Madrid fans, because on the one hand, the way Pique celebrated after the goal made them unhappy; on the other hand, it also symbolized that in Spanish football, the balance of strength between Real Madrid and Barcelona is tilting.


Over time, the admiration of Real Madrid fans for the Barcelona players who helped Spain win the 2010 World Cup gradually disappeared-Iniesta is the only exception.


Whether in press conferences or on social media, Pique made no secret of his hostility to Real Madrid. He also stretched out 5 fingers after Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 in the 2010-11 season... Real Madrid fans I have completely forgotten Pique’s goal against Turkey and his contribution to the Spanish team in the World Cup in South Africa.


Whenever Pique returns to the Bernabéu as a Barcelona player, Real Madrid fans always boo him.


Interestingly, on February 9, 2011, Spain beat Colombia 1-0 in a friendly match at the Bernabéu Stadium. Pique won more applause from the away team fans-a few days before the match, the media exposed him. Dating with Colombian singer Shakira.


A few years later, Pique once again appeared in the Bernabéu wearing a Spanish jersey: On September 2, 2017, Spain defeated Italy 3-0 in a World Cup qualifier. At that time, the vast majority of Bernabéu fans had regarded Pique as an enemy because it was widely believed that he supported the Catalan independence movement...


Pique has announced that he will withdraw from the national team after the 2018 World Cup, but many Spanish fans hope that he will leave early.


Although the Spanish coach Lopetegui and captain Ramos urged Bernabéu fans to exercise restraint and not to boo Pique in that important world preliminary match, every time Pique touches the ball, the deafening whistle will be heard. Sounded around the stadium.


However, as the game progressed, something strange suddenly happened on the court: when Pique received a pass, some fans applauded him. Some people even shouted "Pique, Pique!"


They have had enough and felt that many fans booed Pique too much. In any case, the central defender gave everything during his time on behalf of the Spanish national team of all ages. He also followed Spain to win a World Cup and a European Cup.


Pique really likes to provoke Real Madrid fans. He did ridicule former Real Madrid defender Aveiroa as a "training cone", and he did support the Catalans' right to enjoy an independent referendum.


But in any case, if you put aside the competitive relationship between the clubs and political topics, you will find that whenever Pique puts on a Spanish jersey, he will always throw blood, sweat and tears for the team.


The only problem is that not all fans can distinguish Pique as a Barcelona player, a Catalan and a Spanish national team player.


But on the night of September 2017, some brave fans stood up and cheered for Pique-when many Real Madrid fans hated Pique, they put their hands together and shouted Gerrard- The name of Pique Bernabeu.


By the way, that is Pique's full name, and Bernabeu is his mother's last name. History will always remember that special night, remember that Bernabeu fans once cheered him.


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